What Massage Should I Get?

What Massage Should I GetWhat Massage Should I Get?

Trying to determine what massage you should ask for can be as confusing as ordering Star Bucks coffee. The names of modalities are generally in industry terms that don’t actually indicate what problems that type of massage will solve.

To get around this issue when booking massage services, tell the therapist what your goals are.

Massage therapists are actually trained to ask your goal for a session and then use that goal to pick and choose modalities that will best solve the problem you are having.

Here are a few examples:

Ex 1. The client tells me they just want to relax. This tells me that Swedish with light to moderate pressure will be best. Typically everyone loves when I spend time on achy knots so I will add some deep tissue work in with the Swedish strokes and keep the pressure light or moderate.

Ex 2. The client tells me they are having a pinching pain in the front of the shoulder. I will likely use stretching, trigger point, deep tissue, and some other specialized modalities to help retrain the nervous system.

As you can guess, I left out specific names of neuro-retraining modalities in that second example for a reason. It is unlikely to mean anything to 90% of people trying to pick what type of massage they need.

To conclude, don’t stress about what modalities you should be picking for your session. All you (client) need to know is what your goal for the session is and let the therapist do the rest.