You Can Get a Massage at Home, St Augustine, FL

You Can Get a Massage at Home, St Augustine, FL

Massage at Home, St Augustine, FL

I will spend the time necessary to address achy and sore muscles. It is what I do best. So give me a call and I’ll come to give you a massage at home St Augustine FL.

Relax in your own space! You don’t have to drive home after your massage because you are already there. I have been doing massage outcalls for nearly 15 years.


Enjoy up to 2.5 hour massages in your St Augustine home.

Prices for massage per person are:

  • $100 for 1 hour.
  • $130 for 1.5 hour.
  • $160 for 2 hour.
  • $190 for 2.5 hour.

License#: MA52310

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Massage at Home St Augustine FL


Message James Toon using the form below or text @ (904) 718-2942

The modalities listed above are generally chosen based on your goals for the session. For example, if you want to relax and have tension in the shoulders and upper back, I would use Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point, therapies all while maintaining a pressure that feels good.

Text or email me anytime to schedule an appointment! Please let me know how you found me if contacting me by text message.

I will answer any questions you might have about my work or massage in general.

(904) 718-2942

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