Massage Gun – TheraGun Elite

Introducing the TheraGun Elite Massage Gun

This massage gun is ultra quiet and provides the best value therapy compared to other massage therapy guns. Use this massage gun for back and neck tension or low back tightness. I use this massager with my clients. My clients love this massage gun and so do I!

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You want quality when choosing a massage gun. These little machines are sturdy, quiet, and very effective. The TheraGun Elite handles the pressure you need to work out tension at various speeds. It is truly an amazing massager!

I have chosen to list the TheraGun Elite in my list of products supported by Massage Jacksonville, because of its effectiveness, quality, sturdy craftsmanship, portability, and easy recharging.



Why TheraGun Elite Massage Gun?

Massage Gun Performance

The performance of this massager is impressive. For any part of the body that you like heavy pressure, the massager can meet those demands with durability and high vibration. You will feel a deeper massage than any standard massager.


TheraGun Elite comes with 5 attachments, each with the ability to reach deeper or more comfortably in different parts of the body. Getting between bony prominences, or covering larger areas is important to reducing stress and tension in muscles that can be hard to reach or large.

Intensity Levels

This massager has multiple intensity settings that increase the speed of the massager. This gives the effectiveness of a deeper massage without having to increase your pressure to get the job done.

Build Quality

TheraGun Elite is meant to withstand the pressure required to reduce stress and tension in muscle tissue. the

Massage Gun Weight and Size

This massage gun’s dimensions including packaging is 11.22 x 10.55 x 4.69 inches and weighs 4.1 lbs. The TheraGun outside of its packaging is naturally smaller. I find this massager easy to travel with.

Handle and Grip

The handle is easy to grip. While you may catch some vibration while holding/using this massage gun, a firm grip easily transfers some of that vibration into the muscles you wish to work on.

Battery Capacity

I have never run the battery completely down while using this with a client. The charge lasts well long enough to work the muscles you need to relax.

Power Indicator

On the top of the TheraGun Elite is an OLED screen that reads all your settings and current battery charge status.

Noise Level

As quiet as a high-powered massager can be, this massage gun is it. You’ll hear some vibration, but it is relatively quiet and unobtrusive.

Vibration Intensity

It is important to note that the intensity of vibration can be set to varying levels and they all feel good to the body, the holder of the massager will receive some of that vibration in their hands and wrists. Hold strongly and that vibration will be more translated into the body.

Additional Features

While you can connect the TheraGun Elite to your phone/app using Bluetooth. I have never used that feature and it is not necessary.

AttachmentsTheraGun Elite Massage Gun Attachements

TheraGun Elite comes with 5 attachments.

  • Dampener – to use on more tender areas and near bones
  • Standard Ball – for general use
  • Wedge – for scraping, shoulder blades, and harder-to-reach areas
  • Thumb – for lower back and trigger point therapy
  • Micro-point – to improve circulation

Speed Settings

This massage gun comes with multiple speed settings for varying efficacy on deeper tissue. The speed is easily adjusted with buttons near the top of the grip.

TheraGun Elite Massage Gun

Warranty and Customer Support

The Amazon link for the TheraGun Elite takes you to a TheraGun brand product page. This page indicates an eligible return. You must ask for a refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt. This is according to the Amazon product page on 7/8/23.

Overall Evaluation of the TheraGun Elite Massage Gun

This massage gun will give you the results you are looking for in a powerful massager. The only downside I would say is holding this product while using does require some stamina for as long as you wish to use it.

Conclusion on the TheraGun Elite Massage Gun

You might be able to find another massage gun of equal value, but I’ve used this one in particular and can vouch for its quality. Typically, massage guns will cost between $250 and $600. The TheraGun Elite is more than fairly priced for its power, durability, and quality.