Reiki is a complete healing system that originated in Japan and was brought to the public by Mikao Usui in 1927. It is a form of energy healing that utilizes universal life force energy to bring relief and healing to a variety of ailments.

We all have access to the universal life force energy used in Reiki, but Reiki practitioners go through a series of attunements that allow for the energy to flow more consistently and intensely when they are channeling the energy for healing. Reiki practitioners also are initiated to a series of symbols that allow this energy to be focused more efficiently and to be honed in to work with specific types of emotional and physical issues.

When performing a Reiki session, the practitioner gently places their hands along various points on the body. The energy enters the physical and emotional body through these points and travels to wherever it is needed the most, in whatever quantity that it is needed to best address the issue that a client is having.

Reiki (or universal life force energy) is intelligent, and it works synergistically with the physical and the emotional/energy body, which is why it naturally travels to the areas where it is most needed to promote health and wellbeing.


When to Consider Reiki

  • If you are recovering from emotional trauma
  • If you have been stressed
  • If you are experiencing physical illness
  • If you are struggling with chronic pain
  • If you are recovering from an injury

In severe cases or when working with stubborn issues, a practitioner may energetically  “insert” reiki symbols in various points along the body so that the healing continues after the session is complete. This is useful for chronic pain and complex emotional issues.

Reiki complements massage therapy excellently, which is why many massage therapists are becoming attuned to Reiki energy and incorporating it in their practices. It is crucial to make sure that the practitioner you are receiving treatment from is attuned to at least level 2. It is at this level that those initiated into Reiki learn how to expand their practice to treat others. If you have serious issues, you may want to see a level 3 master practitioner.